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悪の天才科学者ドクター・エッグマンが、また悪巧みを 抱き始めた。

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The malevolent gifted scientist, Dr. Eggman, prepares his bad intentions again:

「ソニック・・・・あのいまいまいしい、生意気なハリネズミ め。あいつのせいで、ワシの偉大なる計画はいつも台無しにな るのだ。今度こそ、ワシの科学の力でひねりつぶしてくれる! フッフッフ・・・・」

" Sonic… This impertinent, this contrary hedgehog; he hopes that my bigger projects are always annihilated. But this time, my strength that resides in my intellect will crush him! Ha ha ha ha…"

ここサウスアイランドは、宝石や遺跡の宝庫。 そして、幻の 「カオスエメラルド」 が眠るととも言われている。カオスエメラルドは、全ての物質にエネルギーを与える超物質。 さらに科学技術によって核兵器やレーザー兵器にも利用できる。しかし、それを手に入れる方法は誰にもわからない。 それというのも、このサウスアイランドは動き回っている島で、カオスエメラルドは島の作り出す歪の中に存在するからだ。 そんなある日、島に危機が訪れた。ドクターエッグマンとその一 味が島に降り立ったのだ。


South Island is a treasure of jewels and ruins, including the "Chaos Emeralds" that sleep buried somewhere within the island. These stones deal to all life a terrific energy. New techniques basing themselves on nuclear weapons and laser radii are then possible. But, they are not necessary should these stones fall between bad hands that don't understand their power. Also, since South Island is an island with a circular movement, the island started forming a interdimensional torsion in which the Chaos Emeralds wander. One day, something horrible presented himself on the island. Dr. Eggman and his army set foot there.

In Brief

  • As noted in the previous section, there are four different categories of speed.
  • The classic games use normal, accelerating and top speeds frequently.
    • classic_good.png This retains the impact of over-clock speed and makes it easier to incorporate obstacles
  • Modern games use top and over-clock speeds frequently, as the levels contain more speed devices
    • modern_good.png This creates a faster paced experience
    • modern_bad.png However, it also causes the speed to become repetitive, as it becomes harder to include obstacle sections.

As noted in the previous section, there are four different categories of speed. The modern and classic games use these speeds in different ways, which produces different results.

Speed in the classic games

In the Mega Drive games normal, accelerating and top speed are the most common speeds experienced. The over-clock speed occurs less frequently (usually only once per a level).

▲ The normal, accelerating and top speeds occur most frequently in the classic games.

classic_good.png This allows the over-clock speed to remain relatively unique and so it possesses a greater impact when it occurs.

classic_good.png The pleasure principle of Contrasts The greater use of normal and accelerating speeds makes it easier to include obstacle sections. Sonic often has to travel at a slower pace in order to tackle obstacles and, as the player is more familiar with the normal and accelerating speeds, the lowered pacing does not seem too alien.

classic_good.png The pleasure principle of Realism The greater use of normal and accelerating speeds makes the experience more authentic, as in real life fast vehicles and animals (such as Cheetahs) have to accelerate to reach a top speed.

Speed in the modern games

In newer games, the top and over-clock speeds occur most frequently. The normal and accelerating speeds are less prominent. This difference is due to the greater proliferation of speed pads and other such devices that keep Sonic continually moving.

▲ In modern games, the top and over-clock speed are the most common

modern_good.png The increased frequencies of over-clock speeds make the game more exciting.

modern_bad.png However, it also makes it harder to include obstacles, as the slower pace needed to overcome dangers breaks too greatly with the sensation of speed. This causes the slower pace to feel irritating and annoying.
As a result, obstacles in the modern games are simplified and usually consist of using the homing attack at the correct time to defeat enemies.
modern_bad.png While such obstacle sections maintain the sense of speed, they often become overly repetitive.

modern_bad.png The pleasure principle of Player Choice The player has little control over the speed. The speed devices often force the player to travel solely at overclock speed.


  • Modern games need to offer more control over how fast Sonic travels.
  • This can be achieved by:
    • Reducing the number of speed pads that automatically propel Sonic to overclock speed.
  • The greater control will make the speed more rewarding.
  • Limiting the overclock speed will allow this speed to retain an impact.

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-About 3000 years ago-
In the time when the great stand against the great, the Knuckles were a mere tribe amongst the people.

-Pachacamac awakes-
Taking the chance after the death of his mother who was in the moderate party, Pachacamac leads his people in the conquest to rule the whole land. Transforming from a community of ruffians into a powerful fighting squad, they quickly subdued their neighbors.

-The quest for the seven Chaos emeralds-
Not satisfied with just subjugating the neighboring countries, Pachacamac wanted to expand his sphere of influence and went in search of the seven emeralds which were said to grant any wish. But at the altar of the seven emeralds are Chao and the guardian spirit (that people call the 'spirit of water') which makes it difficult to obtain the emeralds by force. The spirit of water is actually Chao's transformation. Although by right this transformation should not yet be called Chaos, it shall be thus called for convenience.

-Tikal opposes Pachacamac-
Pachacamac's daughter, Tikal, having inherited the literature about the legend of the Chaos Emeralds from her grandmother, disagreed with Pachacamac's intentions and took her stand against him.



I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!
I'd just returned to town
after a long journey…
Suddenly, this liquid monster attacked me!
I had no trouble defeating it, though.
Then, while I was lounging by the pool,
I saw Tails' plane fly by, trailing smoke!
Then it fell from the sky, and
crashed near the seashore!
I've gotta go save Tails right away!!

I ran across the Emerald Coast
and found Tails,
whom I haven't seen for a while.
He had a great idea about creating
something using a Chaos Emerald.
He just loves making machines!
He has a workshop in Mystic Ruins?
OK, I'll go visit it if you want me to.

On the way to Tails' workshop,
I was confronted by that evil Eggman!
He stole the Chaos Emerald and
called for that liquid monster…
the one I met in Station Square!
It transformed when Eggman gave it
the Chaos Emerald.
He's planning to make that
monster super strong using
all the Chaos Emeralds!
I can't allow that, Eggman!
I'll collect and protect all the
Chaos Emeralds!
Let's start by searching
in Mystic Ruins!

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