No One Wins In War

In Sonic Adventure 2, ‘character battles’ occur between Sonic and Shadow, Tails and Eggman and Knuckles and Rouge. These battles are slightly confusing, as it is not clear who is the true victor of each battle. Play Hero side and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are shown to be triumphant, while, when playing as Dark side, Shadow, Rouge and Eggman emerge as the champions. A careful look at the cut-scenes for the battles reveals that no-one actually wins or loses. The outcome is a tie, but as the characters have goals to complete (such as rescuing Amy or destroying an island) they often flee the arena, with the assumption of their victory. This can be seen in the first Tails vs. Eggman battle where Eggman actually states that he has to depart to continue his plans. A similar occurrence happens in the first Sonic vs. Shadow battle.

In the Rouge vs. Knuckles fight we can again see that neither character actually wins or loses. The only difference here is that both characters desire the Master Emerald shards the other posses, which removes their motive to exit the battle grounds.

The only two exceptions are the final Tails vs. Eggman and Sonic vs. Shadow battle.

Tails vs Eggman: Final Fight

According to the dark-side story, Eggman must win the battle in order to be able to dispatch Shadow to find Sonic, which is necessary for the final Sonic vs Shadow battle to occur. Conversely, the Hero story dictates that Tails must win the battle. This will cause him to ignore his vanquished foe when he is distracted by the sight of Sonic destroying the Eclipse Cannon, which in turn will allow Eggman to steal the last Chaos Emerald causing the events of the Last story to occur.

Although this contradiction is probably a plot hole, it could be possible that the final Eggman vs. Tails battle consists of two rounds. In the first round, Eggman wins allowing him to despatch Shadow to stop Sonic. However, he realised that he didn't take the Chaos Emerald from Tails (notice that he merely tells Shadow he has found all the Emeralds and does not actually confirm his possession of the seventh emerald) and so returns for a second round, which Tails wins. This would explain why Eggman took so long to put the final Emerald in the Eclipse Canon after contacting Shadow.

Sonic vs Shadow: Final Fight

All the evidence suggests that Sonic won the final battle with Shadow. In the final Sonic vs Shadow battle, Shadow's motive for fighting is to kill Sonic (note that he states at the start of the fight that he can't let Sonic live). Hence, Shadow has no reason to leave the arena, until Sonic is killed. Sonic's motive is to overcome Shadow to reach the Eclipse Cannon. If Sonic fails to reach the Cannon, then the story cannot continue, as Eggman would succeed in attacking the earth.

The story can, however, continue if Shadow fails his task, as the act of Eggman placing the final Emerald in the Cannon (which is shown to occur after the fight) is not dependent on Shadow's victory. The fact that Eggman has to place the final Emerald in the Cannon to power-it up further hints at Shadow's failure, otherwise Sonic wouldn't have succeeded in stopping the Cannon from re-charging, allowing Eggman to fire at the earth without the extra Emerald.

It could be possible that the battle resulted in a tie, with Shadowing assuming that he succeeded in killing Sonic, when, in reality, Sonic had managed to escape to the Cannon. However, there is little evidence to support this theory.


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