Sonic Biography Part 5

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Evil Exposed

"I shall control Mobius forever!" Robotnik ranted.

"Oh Yeah? And how are you going to do that?" Sonic asked, cleverly fishing for Robotnik's plan.

"The Emeralds - it's all in the Emeralds! Now I am evil like them. Beautiful, symmetrical, and unstoppable! I shall launch them into space and they'll help me control the world and NO ONE will ever find the Gray Emerald. No one!" Robotnik said as he was nearly frothing at the mouth with delusions of grandeur.

All of the sudden Robotnik realized his mistake.

"YOU! NOW YOU KNOW MY PLAN- you little walking pincushion! "YOU SHALL BE DESTROYED!" With that threat, Robotnik lunged at Sonic.

But Sonic was too fast. He bolted out the back door to the lab and headed for the Green Zone to warn his friends as Robotnik's curses echoed behind him.

And that's the way it all started…


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