Sonic Biography Part 4

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Dr Robotnik

One fateful afternoon, Sonic was hanging out near the lab reading. When Kintobor suggested they have a snack, Sonic raided the lab refrigerator only to discover a single hard-boiled egg. "Peee-euugh!" said Sonic as he sniffed the rotten egg. He handed the egg to Kintobor who was carefully entering a series of complex commands into the ROCC. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, including Kintobor. When Kintobor entered a slight miscalculation, the ROCC began to spark. In just seconds, several astonishing things happened:

  • 1. The ROCC went bananas and zapped the Chaos Emeralds, Kintobor and the rotten egg in his hand…
  • The ROCC began to transfer some of the evil stored in the Chaos Emeralds over to Kintobor, changing him into the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik…
  • Robotnik immediately took on the physical characteristics of an egg, and bloated to grotesque proportions and…
  • The ROCC exploded, scattering its golden rings throughout the zones.

That's how the formerly good Kintobor became the now hopelessly evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a megalomaniac who wants to control all of Mobius.


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