Sonic Biography Part 2

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The Chaos Emeralds

In a feat that would forever change his life, Sonic found he had tunneled himself into the laboratory of Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a brilliant scientist. Dr. Kintobor told Sonic how he was trying to improve Mobius by ridding the planet of all evil.

Sonic listened as Kintobor explained how he planned to do this using his invention, the "Retro-Ortital Chaos Compressor" (or "ROCC" for short). The ROCC can attract and transfer evil from one object into another. Technically speaking, the ROCC consists of thousands of gold rings that constantly flow good karma around the machine's core as it transfers evil from one object into another. Dr. Kintobor found the perfect objects for the transfer: six dazzling emeralds, which he called "Chaos Emeralds."

Kintobor managed to pack most of the world's evil into the Emeralds, but found that once the Emeralds became evil, they were highly unstable and could "blow" at any moment. To make the Chaos Emeralds safe, Kintobor began to search for a seventh Gray Emerald which would neutralize their violent forces stabilizing the Chaos Emeralds.

Kintobor installed personal computers throughout the zones of Mobius so that anyone passing by could input information that might lead to the discovery of the Gray Emerald. He also had his ROCC ready to transfer the last bit of the world's evil into the Gray Emerald.


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