From the: Chaotix US/European manual

Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles is the guardian of the island and the Emerald Pillar that it conceals. When Dr Robotnik invades the island, it's up to the Echidna to set things right.

Espio the Chameleon: This colorful chameleon values his freedom above all else, and after he was freed from Dr. Robotnik's Combi Machine, he decided he must stop the evil doctor at all costs. He has a hot temper and an intense drive in everything he does, and sometimes his friend Charmy Bee has to remind him of his manners. Espio is quick and strong, and his whirling attack is just the thing you need to get out of a tight spot.

Mighty the Armadillo: Mighty is just that. He's strong, smart, and confident, and he can't stand weakness in anything. He's one of Knuckles' good friends, and is determined to help save the island from Robotnik.

Vector the Crocodile: This cool croc loves the rush of running when he isn't jammin' with his friends, doing fancy footwork to the tunes on his headset, or investigating the local food courts.

Charmy Bee: Surprisingly sophisticated for his sixteen years, Charmy came to the island in search of new types of flowers, and found a ton of trouble. But he handles things in his usual quick, cool and charming way.

Robotnik's Mechanix

These two robots claim they've escaped from the evil Doctor and want to help… but could they be part of Robotnik's plot to slow Knuckles and his friends down?

Heavy the Robot: Heavy works as Robtonik's chief mechanic. He's just as his name says - heavy - and he' slow.

Bomb: Bomb works as Robotnik's other mechanic. He's not very quick or strong and blows up when things start looking bleak.


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