Sonic Jam: From Sonic Team - Sonic & Knuckles

From the: Sonic Jam Strategy Guide
Translated by: G. Silver

Mushroom Hill
The hand-operated elevators here are a bit different from anything else in the game; if you have a player on each handle they can move you up much faster than normal. When two people play often times Miles tends to miss the various devices when Sonic uses them, so this one was designed specifically for two players. When playing with two players be sure to try it out! (Izuka)

Flying Battery
This zone has particularly distinctive music, doesn't it. With Sonic 1 and 2, we were working with Nakamura-san, so we couldn't get any extra music, but since with 3 we had the music done in-house, we were able to have a whole lot of music made up for us. We picked out from that selection the music that fit each zone best. (Izuka)

Here's the desert stage, something that hadn't appeared in the series until this point, so we were able to make it relatively free of earlier influences. The ghosts appearing in the second half are the first enemies who weren't made by Eggman. When he infiltrated the pyramid, he must have worked very hard to trap them inside that box. (Izuka)

Lava Reef
This is the last stage a Special Ring appears in. I suppose you noticed that in both acts of this stage, the Death Egg's face appeares. In the act select for Sonic 2 you could see a bit of a scene like this, but this is where you'll see the real thing. (Izuka)

Hidden Palance / Sky Sanctuary
From here on out, it's the holy territory that is forbidden to all but Knuckles. Hidden Palace is where the Master Emerald is stored, and Sky Palace is the sacred precinct in the sky above Angel Island where no one is allowed to enter. I'm degressing, but scaling of the EggRobos emerging from the center is managed internally by the software. (Izuka)

Death Egg
When thinking of space, gravity controls come to mind, so that was the theme behind this stage. We tried to give it a feel you could only have in outer space, how did we do? We surveyed many people to determine if up and down should be reversed when the gravity flips. I guess that it is just easier to have pressing down to crouch feel natural! (Naka)


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