Sonic Jam: From Sonic Team - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

From the: Sonic Jam Strategy Guide
Translated by: G. Silver

Emerald Hill
Visually speaking, through all three games, we always start with an island. At the time, we were developing in San Fransisco, and south of there was a town(?) called Emerald Hill. We were doing a location test at a shopping center there when we saw it, and since it was a Green Hill-like name we thought well, let's use it in the game! (Naka)

Chemical Plant
At first this stage was set to appear about after Zone 10. Although there would be fewer Acts this time, we thought having about 18 zones would be good, but having each zone stand out and fit in the story in a way that was easy to follow, in the end it dropped down to 11 zones, and Chemical Plant was placed as the second stage. In the end it was a success (laughs). (Naka)

Aquatic Ruin
The top and bottom of this stage are built completely differently. The loops along the top are a bit different from normal. The water, also, had to have the transparency set exactly right.(1) And then, there are so many places where the routes intersect! From Sonic 2 on, we took a patent in America. (Naka)

Casino Night
The slot machines are based on our experience going to casinos while working in America. Riding in a car, it would take about four hours to get to Las Vegas. We would call those trips Entertainment Research (laughs). But the game does contain a lot of references to the things we experienced in America. (Naka)

Hill Top
The thing that stands out most in this zone is probably the way the whole screen shakes in the areas where the lava is moving. And then the mountain in the background has a slightly polygon-like look to it. We were aiming for a look similar to the kind of thing we had in mind with Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone. (Naka)

Mystic Cave
The feel here is a haunted-house (obakeyashiki), isn't it. But we ended up making a cave stage instead. When making this map, first we had drawn the island, there was a cave, there was a lake, a mountain, a construction site, we were thinking of all these areas. Like Sonic would be here at first, and then he'd go someplace else. That was part of the cave. (Naka) (2)

Oil Ocean
This stage was made by Tom on the SOA staff, it was amazing what could be made with the MegaDrive at the time. But if the Sonicness of it wasn't coming through, sometimes the artist had a taste for darker color schemes, we would fix up certain pieces of it. (Naka) (3)

Due to problems with the story, Act 3 was going to be a different Zone that would only appear once, but since it was cut, we still wanted to have something after Act 2. So that's why there are three acts in this one. We had already finished the map, and it would have been a shame to waste it, so this is what we went with. (Naka)

Wing Fortress
This stage is the same as what appears in Sky Chase, so you can see that the entire thing is in the shape of an aircraft. Making the stage into the shape of an aircraft was particularly difficult. When playing as Super Sonic, making delicate movements becomes a bit difficult, but it still seems too bad that you can't fight the last boss with him. (Ohshima)

Translator's notes:
(1) I do not follow this one well! I don't get what the water transparency has to do with the rest of what he's talking about, and the patent statement is totally vague.
(2) I believe he is talking about having a wide variety of stages, and the cave is an example of how diverse they were
(3) It's hard to tell if he's seriously knocking on the SOA staff or how much had to be "fixed" in order to get things to look right. [When translating] I tried to keep the tone neutral, but…


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