Sega Sonic Arcade

From: Sega Sonic Arcade in-game text
Translated by: Koji Chao with help from Kyoji and Ryoga

Scene: Introduction (when Sonic, Ray and Mighty are behind bars)
"Kutabare Sonikku!"
"Fuck you, Sonic!"

Scene: After the introduction when Eggman blasts the prisoners with the geyser
"Anshin suru no hamada hayai zo kono Eggman shima kara dasshutsu dekiru kana?"
"It's still too early to be at ease, how fast can you escape from Eggman Island?"

Scene: Volcano Vault opening
"Kono shima no osoroshi(i) sao omoishi ru!!"
"Now, understand the true terror of this island!!"

Scene: Trap Tower opening.
(Thanks to Kyoji for this next section)
"I am not through yet!"

Scene: Ice World opening.
"There's still more to go"

Scene: Ice World opening (in the final (Rev. C) release of the game. In the prototype, this occurred during trap tower)
(Thanks to Kyoji for this section)
"I am not through yet!"

Scene: Landslide Zone opening.
Approximate translation: (You keep me furious)

Scene: Final Confrontation


Obvious translation: (Chikusho-)
1st: Shit!!


2nd: This is the END


(Thanks to Ryoga for helping with this section) This tower and everything on the island will be blown off! (Or blown up, depending on your perspective.)


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