Sonic Spinball Prologue

From the: Sonic Spinball Japanese game manual
Translated by: Michael "G.Silver" Stearns

This is the peaceful planet, Mobius. Peaceful, until the evil genius scientist Dr. Eggman suddenly attacked, taking over Mobius in an instant and plunging it into a state of panic! Dr. Eggman captured each and every one of the fleeing animals, and as you surely thought, remodeled them into mechanical monsters.

Hurry Sonic! You're gonna save everyone!

Eggman's base is powered by volcanic energy and the Chaos Emeralds, which are guarded by a Pinball Defense System.

"This'll be tough, but the only one who can get the Chaos Emeralds out of the system is me!"

"Be careful Sonic! And good luck!"

Riding the plane piloted by Tails, Sonic drew closer to the fortress. At last, Sonic's big pinball battle is beginning!!

Translator’s Note:
In this translation, the sentences have been left as grammatically intact as possible in order to more accurately convey the exact wording of the orignal text.
This method, however, makes for some strange sentence structure and flow.


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