From the: Chaotix Japanese game manual
Translated by: SamIAm

Somewhere out there lies the Floating Island. A few months have passed since the events that have caused the island to be skimming on the ocean's surface. However, it is in the seas to the south where, in the ocean's deepest depths, a great upheaval occurred, and suddenly the shape of a single island appeared. It was the result of a great increase in the activity of the earths crust, which was caused by the power of the Floating Island's Master Emerald "Pillar". Not stopping there, in just a very short while, it changed its appearance [with tremendous speed].

The Energy of the Pillar had changed the island that was a mere clump of boulders into a paradise of green.

"Is there something over there…?"

The guardian of the Master Emerald Pillar, Knuckle, had his questions about the sudden change in the island that was continuing without interruption. The remains of the legendary civilization that had, in ancient times, disappeared in the blink of an eye because of the wildly running "Stone of Power", may be sleeping on that island. "Something is definitely making the power of the Pillar amplify." Thought Knuckle as he headed toward the island alone, taking to heart his responsibility as guardian.

However, he wasn't the only one thinking this. That genius scientist of ill-repute, Dr. Eggman, was another, and he had already gotten on the island to investigate. There, he discovered a ring with ancient letters carved on it. He understood then that this island was truly the part of the ancient civilization that had been lost. Furthermore, he found a ring that was a spitting image of one of the Super-Rings that were on the Floating Island. This was an ancient Special Rings that had been used before the legendary civilization had been lost.

"With this, I'll find my way right back to the Master Emerald!"

Dr. Eggman was pleased with his discovery, but the "Stone of Power" that the Special Rings should have led him to had already been transferred [to somewhere else] in the Floating Island by the descending gods. However, the energy of the "Pillar" permeated in the mysterious space the Special Ring produced, and it crystallized into the Chaos Rings.

"If I search out the secret of the Special Ring, I'll not only get the secret of the rings that Sonic and his friends carry, but I'll also be able summon the Master Emerald!"

With this on his mind, Dr. Eggman hurried to establish a fort on the island. On the grounds of this resort, which had been named "Neutrogic High Zone", Dr. Eggman's evil plan surged. When Knuckle arrived nearby the island, it was already too late. Eggman was successful at crystallizing energy. He christened his synthesized rings "Dark Rings". And furthermore, he was developing a "Ring Power" that forced the existence of a space-time connection between rings.

"If I've got these, they won't be able to lift a finger against me. This should be over with little trouble. This time, the whole world will be mine!"

Dr. Eggman's treacherous plans are steadily being realized.

Translator’s Note:
In this translation, the sentences have been left as grammatically intact as possible in order to more accurately convey the exact wording of the orignal text.
This method, however, results in an unusual sentence structure and flow.


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