Sonic & Tails 2

From the: Sonic & Tails 2 Japanese game manual
Translated by: Judd 2000 Edited and obtained by big_smile

“Oh! Dang it!”

Dr. Eggman really blew it that day. While doing a final weapons test there was an accident, and the Chaos Emeralds he’d took so many pains to collect without Sonic’s knowing it were sent flying in all directions.

Although he managed to track down one of the six emeralds, as for where the other five went he didn’t have a clue.

“It looks like Sonic’s picked up on this - I’d better get those emeralds back before that bugger gets his hands on them…”

Meanwhile, just as Eggman had predicted, Sonic and Tails had gotten wind of the situation and were already swinging into action. Just when the two were running around here and there collecting information on the emeralds, a stranger suddenly popped up in front of them, blocking their way.

“Sonic, you dirty rat! You’re not getting what you’re after or my name ain’t Knuckle!


As things got more and more confused, Knuckle kept on being a general nuisance. To make matters worse, there was one eavesdropper grinning to himself knowingly while watching their exchange…

“Heh heh heh! Neither Sonic nor Eggman count for squat! While that bunch was going at it, guess who got the Chaos Emeralds – none other than Fang the Sniper, Treasure Hunter!”

By the looks of things it’ll be harder than usual to lick this one…What’ll you do, Sonic!?

“Well ain’t that obvious? With a bit of guts, you can do anything!”

Translator’s note:
The original text shows nakuru; which in english is actually Knuckle (no 's')
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