Sonic & Tails 2 - Fang Character profile

From the: Sonic & Tails 2 Japanese game manual
Translated by: G.Silver

A Treasure Hunter who lives in another dimension and seems to be gathering Chaos Emeralds. He is a slick villain, but his doings are stingy.
He works hard to be sneaky and outwit others, but in the end he's a bit naive and usually messes up. …he has that kind of mischievious side as well.
It's said that he takes great pride in his airbike.

Translator's Notes:
The word "stingy" is translated from "secoi," which also means petty, and small-minded. All three meanings can be combined in relation to crime with the word "small-time", although this may not reflect the orginal text.
A "cunning scoundrel" would be an alternative translation for "slick villain", although "slick villian" is probably closer to the orginal text.


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