Sonic & Tails

From the: Sonic & Tails Japanese game manual
Translated by: Koji Chao

The island of peace, South Island…
The mythical "Chaos Emeralds" rest there. The mysterious jewels hold infinate power, but are also dangerous if used incorrectly. Now, the "Chaos Emeralds" are sought out by the evil scientist Dr Eggman again!

But today, when Sonic and Tails were out on an adventure, they overheard this plan.

"What if Eggman gets one of those Chaos Emeralds?"

When the two quickly returned to South Island, they found the island of peace was in total chaos! As one of the jewels were taken, the remaining "Chaos Emeralds" were scattered about the island, which was now sinking into the sea!!

"A swift victory this time! And now the world will be mine, Sonic!"

"Eggman is sure to find the other Chaos Emeralds! Let's go!"


Sonic and Tails ran off to try and destroy Eggman's plan, and to save the sunken South Island. Will Sonic and his friends be the ones laughing in the end, or will it be Eggman…?


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