Sonic Labyrinth

From the: Sonic Labyrinth Japanese game manual
Translated by: sth2k


Dr. Eggman is intrigued. "That trouble-making hedgehog! Always the only thing that's stopping me doing what I want to do, yes it is! But it won't be for much longer…"

The genius scientist Dr. Eggman plans world domination even today - he's always in a bad mood! But who'll stop him? He goes beyond the speed of any person in any circumstances. He always goes at an extremely high speed. Who is this speedy hedgehog? It's Sonic!

Who is trying to get our planet this time? As usual, it's the strange genius scientist who gets angry over Sonic the Hedgehog when he fails his quest for world domination.

One day, Sonic woke up in the afternoon. The self-indulgent hedgehog said to himself "That happened several days ago!" While thinking of such a thing, his shoes were totally normal. But when Sonic jumped… "What's happening?!" Sonic's shoes felt heavier than usual. Sonic looks at his shoes carefully. "These shoes have the mark of Dr. Eggman!" Sonic looked up again after inspecting his shoes to see the proud face of Dr. Eggman! "Sonic, the chaos emeralds on the island are now all mine!" Dr. Eggman's voice is triumphant, and echoes all around South Island. The evil genius has did it again on Sonic's home island!

How did Sonic's "speed-down" shoes come into existence? Eggman made these shoes with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and nothing else! Nothing is more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman puts Sonic in his large labyrinth, but he can't run or jump, since the shoes disable him from doing that. You can also hear a deafening roar on South Island - the sound of construction of Eggman's fortress on the land of the large labyrinth! Sonic, don't give up, no matter what happens! Even though you're not able to run or jump, you can still do your rolling attack! Dr. Eggman isn't going to take over the world that easily. In order for Sonic to regain the Chaos Emeralds, he must get through the huge labyrinth.


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