Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear) Character profiles

From the: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Japanese game manual
Translated by: G.Silver

Name / Miles Prower
Nickname / Tails
The young boy who admires* Sonic. A cheerful two-tailed fox.

Enemies (Zako Characters)

Gamegame: (Game = Kame = Turtle) Flies GuruGuru, and walks NosoNoso.
Doririn: 'Drill and Gurasan.' When Sonic jumps…
New Motora: Zips around UroUro this way and that.
Buudan: (Buu = Oink) Jumping up and down, it tries to get close to Sonic.
Zaririn: Swimming in front, jump behind. (I believe this is how you are supposed to hurt it)
Taraban: Because it's a crab it walks bow-legged. Fires bullets from its claws.
Bomu: If Sonic gets close it's a big explosion. A walking hazard.
Meleon: If you get close, Suuu! it appears and Suuu! it disappears. (it sounds so dangerous)

Boss Characters:

AriJigoku Meka: (Antlion Mecha, or literally translated, 'Ant Hell.') From the bottom of its hole, it's claws go ZyakiZyaki.
Gachou Meka: (Chou = Swan) Pulling baby Gachou Mechas along, it spits fireballs.
MekaButa: (Buta = Pig) After a Shiko (Sumo terminology - 'warmup stomp') he rolls after you.
MakaAshika: (Ashika = Seal) He'll catch your spinning attack, 'Auu Auu!' (Seal noise)
InobutaMeka: (Inobuta probably = boar) BuhiBuhi (squealing pig noise) Charge! Invincible when his spines come out.

Dr. Eggman: An evil genius scientist. Goals / World Conquest and to defeat Sonic.
MekaSonikku: Dr. Eggman's super secret weapon. A rival?

*(my dictionary also lists 'yearning' and 'longing' for)


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