G Sonic

From the: G Sonic Japanese game manual
Translation by: EmeraldGuardian

The mysterious, hidden Chaos Emeralds were protected by South Island: The Island of Peace. A hero protected those Chaos Emeralds from the evil scientist, Dr. Eggman. That day, Sonic the Hedgehog swayed in the palm tree hammock, enjoying his afternoon nap without a care in the world. But then…

Suddenly, a glare illuminated Sonic. Sonic awoke from the excessive light and the Chaos Emeralds that were set in the nearby area began to rotate intensely. Until now, the light had not been seen until it shot forth.

"What? What in the world just happened!?"

Before Sonic could even think, the light of the Chaos Emeralds shone brightly and powerfully before his eyes. Finally, the ear-splitting sound clashed, changing into the form of five jewels, and scattering off into the distance.

Sonic was surprised to hear a familiar voice come from above him.

"Daahahahah!! This is quite an unexpected chance to come by!! Daahahahah!!"

It was noticeablely the voice of that Dr. Eggman.

"Eggman!! Haven't you learned your lesson yet!?"

Ignoring Sonic, Eggman continued to ramble in his familiar voice.

"Daahahah!! Sonic, when I aimed my laser beam for you and hit the Chaos Emeralds, those which you thought was a shriek…well, I had noticed this unexpected phenomenon!!"

Sonic's glare was locked on Eggman.

"The Chaos Emeralds have dissappeared from this island. Because of this, I, the world's greatest scientist, have made my own extravagant fortress!! And it's name iiiis…Silver Castle!!"

"Once the Chaos Emeralds help me complete my fortress, that is, once I find them, all will finally be at peace!! Daahahah!!"

Sonic was planning to get that one thing as Eggman was riding off. But then, another voice echoed nearby from under the shady tree.

"Whenever you hear about those Chaos Emeralds, you can never keep your mouth shut!!"

Saying this, Knuckles appeared from under the shady tree, accustomed to hearing such a racket.

And so, Sonic and Knuckles declared to face Eggman.

"We'll foil your plans, Eggman!!"


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