Sonic Mega Collection Official Strategy Guide

From the: Sonic Mega Collection Japanese Official Strategy Guide
Translated by: G.Silver, big_smile, Curt Fischer and B.Ito

Knuckles' Character profile
^ According to Knuckles' Character Profile, Knuckles "guards the Master Emerald which powered up the Chaos Emeralds."

Super Tails
^ The character depicted in the text is named 'Super Tails'.

Hidden Palace
smc-hp-k.jpg smc-shrine.jpg
^The caption reads, "After defeating Knuckles, Eggman appears! Knuckles tries to protect the Super Emerald.."

^ The text reads:
"The temple where the super emeralds sleep. Sonic will confront Knuckles here. However, Knuckles will progress to the next zone without fighting with anyone." (Curt Fischer)
"The shrine where Super-Emerald sleeps. Sonic fights with Knuckles here. As to Knuckles, he fights with no other guys and advances to the next zone." (B. Ito)


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