Sonic Advance 2 - Cream Profile

From the: Sonic Advance 2 Japanese preview website
Translated by: G.Silver

  • A rabbit girl who is always followed by the amiable chao 'Cheese.'
  • Younger than Tails, as humans would say she is about 6 years old?
  • Extremely naive, and she is also peculiarly polite.
  • She talks with a slightly baby-like lisp.
    • …there are rumours she might be a princess! (not certain about that translation)
  • She always tries her best no matter what.

Her heart is full of curiousity and will try anything.
Sometimes this gets her into trouble but she's a good kid so who cold hate her?

  • Her favorite thing is ice cream!

This 'Cream' and the necktie-adorned Chao 'Cheese' are opening up a brand-new adventure! Look forward more and more to her debut in Sonic Advance 2!


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