Sonic Shuffle

From the: Sonic Shuffle Japanese game manual
Translated by: Translation by Zlel (aka anon2002) Edited and obtained by big_smile


The setting for Sonic's new adventures -
Alternate dimension : Maginary World

A world you have never imagined where dreams cross paths with reality…

A world held together by the power of the Precious Stone, the jewel into which the dreams and hopes of peoples from the different dimensions have been synergised.

That is, until one day, when a mysterious monster called Void suddenly appeared and sealed the power of the Precious Stone in.

Without the power of the Precious Stone, Maginary World now risks the fate of destruction.

The Guardian Spirit of Maginary World Lumina Flowlight thus sought help from the peoples from the other dimensions.

The ones who answered the call sent to all the wise and courageous were none other than Sonic and his gang.

Eyeing Void and the Precious Stone, Dr Eggman pursues Sonic and gang….

With the help of a magic card from Lumina and the mysterious powers of the Force Jewel, Sonic and gang set off to save Maginary World.


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