Sonic Adventure - After the Battle

From the: Sonic Adventure Japanese Strategy Guide
Translated by: Judd 2000 Edited and obtained by big_smile

[After the Battle - Tatakai no Sue ni]

“That which is done is Chaos seven-fold

Chaos is power, and power is the heart which drives it.

That which subdues is that which controls Chaos”

What could this poem passed down from the Echidnas [1] mean? The events of some 3,000 years ago give us a hint:

Chaos was enraged by the Echidna’s [1] invasion the sacred grounds of the Chao, and their infringement upon the Emeralds. His negative emotions having been amplified by the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos was driven into an unstoppable rage. The “forces of disorder [2]” exerted by Chaos, who had lost his “heart” to his anger, were “subdued” within the Master Emerald along with Tikal’s consciousness. The poem tells of a pure “power” neither good nor evil contained within the Chaos Emeralds themselves, and the need for this power to be restrained by the Master Emerald.

This, however, is both correct and incorrect: Though revived in the present, Chaos with his hollow “heart” was still shackled by anger and hatred; his power, too, was again being further strengthened by the Chaos Emeralds. While the Master Emerald could restrain Chaos, it was not able to appease his boiling emotions. Tikal, who was revived along with Chaos, tried to seal him within the Master Emerald once again. For Sonic though, who’d fought Chaos on any number of occasions, locking Chaos up again was not the answer. Sonic swore to Tikal that it would just be making history repeat itself. Sonic and his comrades used “faith” to drawn on the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and faced Chaos again. This “power of the heart” filled the emptiness within Chaos’ own, appeasing his anger. Now freed from the bonds of anger and hatred, Chaos took a fresh look at the Chao for whom he had sacrificed everything to defend. Since the Echidnas’ [1] past aggression, the existence of other species [3] had been an object for Chaos’ hatred. However, seeing how the Chao now lived alongside with humans, he came to understand that different species [3] could in fact coexist with each other peacefully. It was Sonic and his friends’ “faith” which made Chaos realise this, and there was no need for this “power of the heart” to be subdued by the Master Emerald. Sonic embodied the proper use of “power.”

Seven Emeralds and one Master Emerald: who made them, and why they made them is unknown. There is no doubt that those with malicious intent, possessed by desire, will go after the Chaos Emeralds again. However Knuckles is there, being a descendant of the Echidna [1] and well aware of the terror of “power,” to defend the Master Emerald. Also there are Tails, Amy, Big, and the small bird that controlled Gamma – all of whom fought alongside Sonic. And of course there is Sonic himself, who knows the right way to use “power.” As long as they are around, the sad events of 3,000 years ago won’t be repeated. Even if it should happen that they went away, the “heart” that showed in what they did was witnessed by many far and wide, and there is no doubt that this would lead to the proper role for “power” in the universe [4].

Translator’s notes:

[1] Echidna(‘s): nakuruzu-zoku (lit: the Knuckles tribe/ species). “Echidna” is used here to avoid confusion between the character name Knuckles.

[2] forces of disorder: konton no chikara (lit: power of chaos). Used here to avoid over-repetition of the term/ character name Chaos.

[3] species: zoku (lit: tribe/ race/ people). Used here in view of there being several groups of intelligent animals in the game.

[4] …in the universe: Though the phrase does not occur in the original, it may be interpreted as being implied. It is added here for collocation purposes
(matching with “role” / arikata)


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