Sonic Adventure - A Heavenly Island - 2

From the: Sonic Adventure Japanese Strategy Guide
Translated by: Translation by Zlel (aka anon2002) Edited and obtained by big_smile

Sonic Adventure - A Heavenly Island - Chaos Emerald Tradition [Part 2]

-The time before it all started-
As far as historical texts are concerned, in a time more than 3000 years ago, the Knuckles were nothing more than a mere tribe of people; even the wars that led to their expansion was nothing phenomenal. Yet, according to Tails' testimony, the Knuckles had a mantra passed on by oral tradition that said "there are seven chaos in the world and this chaos is power, and this power is drawn from the heart. He who controls the world is he who controls this chaos," and it is believed to be speaking about the emeralds. The Master and Chaos Emeralds have been known to exist for more than 3000 years.

-The Rise of the Knuckles-
From the inscriptions left on the remains excavated from the MR ruins (1), Pachacamac, after the death of his mother who was from the moderate party, gathered his people to subdue the other peoples to expand his kingdom. When he came to know about the seven emeralds, he wanted to obtain these emeralds and use them for the expansion of his kingdom.

However, where the altar of the emeralds was, there were the Chao and the guardian water spirit. Chaos easily fouled every one of Pachacamac's attempt to obtain the emeralds. From what we can make of the testimony of the Knuckles, Tikal, at this point, had not yet made contact with the Chao and Chaos, although Tikal's position against Pachacamac's expansionism is indisputable.

From what Amy could recall, Tikal met Chao when she visited the altar of the emeralds. She also met Chaos to whom she soon made her intentions known, according to an EC retrieved. This was proven by the data left on an external memory device believed to be used by an E series. Furthermore, if Big's experience can be trusted, Chaos led Tikal to the centre of the altar, where she saw a particularly huge emerald.

-The final attack; Chaos runs berserk-
When the Knuckles finally made their final attack, Tikal and Chao shielded the attack. Pachacamac tried to defeat them with a powerful blow, as is recorded on the inscriptions and as the Knuckles had witnessed. At this attack, Chaos lost all its senses and went berserk, bringing destruction like nobody had seen before.

According to Tails' account, Sonic said he heard the din. Although we cannot be sure where that power of destruction came from, a section of a mantra that says "this chaos is power, and this power is drawn from the heart" leads us to think that the powers of destruction was called forth by an angry heart.

Chaos sealed; a legend is born

Translator's notes:
(1) The original text calls it the MR ruins (MR being Mystic Ruins). [The translation has been left as unaltered as possible to keep to the style of the original text.]


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