Sonic Adventure - A Heavenly Island

From the: Sonic Adventure Japanese Strategy Guide
Translated by: Translation by Zlel (aka anon2002) Edited and obtained by big_smile

Sonic Adventure - A Heavenly Island - Chaos Emerald Tradition [Part 1]

-About 3000 years ago-
In the time when the great stand against the great, the Knuckles were a mere tribe amongst the people.

-Pachacamac awakes-
Taking the chance after the death of his mother who was in the moderate party, Pachacamac leads his people in the conquest to rule the whole land. Transforming from a community of ruffians into a powerful fighting squad, they quickly subdued their neighbors.

-The quest for the seven Chaos emeralds-
Not satisfied with just subjugating the neighboring countries, Pachacamac wanted to expand his sphere of influence and went in search of the seven emeralds which were said to grant any wish. But at the altar of the seven emeralds are Chao and the guardian spirit (that people call the 'spirit of water') which makes it difficult to obtain the emeralds by force. The spirit of water is actually Chao's transformation. Although by right this transformation should not yet be called Chaos, it shall be thus called for convenience.

-Tikal opposes Pachacamac-
Pachacamac's daughter, Tikal, having inherited the literature about the legend of the Chaos Emeralds from her grandmother, disagreed with Pachacamac's intentions and took her stand against him.

-Tikal meets Chao and the spirit of water-
Tikal meets Chao at the altar of the emeralds. Shortly after, she chanced on Chaos, whose stature initially took her aback, but they soon connected. (1) Chaos led Tikal to the altar of the emeralds where she discovered the Master Emerald.

-The Knuckles seek the emeralds-
Disregarding the dignity of the Knuckles, Pachacamac planned to attack the altar of the emeralds. On his attack, he found Tikal standing in front of the altar. Pachacamac forced Tikal to retreat and was about to obtain the emeralds, but in attacking Tikal and the Chao, he incurred the wrath of Chaos. Strengthened by the power of the seven emeralds, Chaos went berserk. At this, Tikal prayed for her consciousness to be sealed with Chaos' in the Master Emerald. After that, the location of the seven emeralds was unknown, and have since been called the Chaos Emeralds.

-The Fate of arrogance-
Suffering a powerful blow from Chaos, the Knuckles were significantly weakened. Those remaining from the tribe were given to watching over the Master Emerald, living on the fringe of the altar levitated by the Master Emerald's Power. Their responsibility was making sure that something like this never happened again, guarding and protecting the Master Emerald.

They left murals and memorials depicting this incident. Losing the emeralds, the Chao people faced extinction, but a number of them managed to find a place to survive.
And now…

-The building of the Final Egg-
Destroying Station Square would allow Dr Eggman to build his ideal city, "EggManLand". He planned first to build his defense line on the Mystic Ruins. While excavating the ruins, a tablet with inscriptions about Chaos was found and deciphered. He thus rediscovered Chaos and planned to revive it.

Translator's notes
(1) - It means connect as in 'become friends'.


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