Sonic Adventure - Super Sonic's Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

Well, yaaaaaaawn….
Eggman seemed to have learned his lesson.
I suppose it's time for my next journey.
Suddenly, Tails came to me
in a huge panic.
What? Angel Island has fallen
What's happened this time?
Anyway, let's go and find out!

When I arrived at Angel Island,
to my surprise I found both Eggman and
Knuckles lying unconscious on the ground.
What did you say?
Chaos is still alive??
…And then all of the sudden
I found myself in another world.
Just like before…!

In that mysterious world…
I saw a girl…
and many Chao. And an army of warriors
marching towards the Emerald,
Then… It was standing in front of them.
But… who? Who is that girl?

When I awoke, only Tails was there.
The last Chaos Emerald is still
inside the Tornado 2!
I cannot allow Chaos to absorb
the last Emerald!
Tails and I ran back to
Mystic Ruins to search for the Emerald.
If the vision I saw is true…
That must mean Chaos is…!


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