Sonic Adventure - Sonic's Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!
I'd just returned to town
after a long journey…
Suddenly, this liquid monster attacked me!
I had no trouble defeating it, though.
Then, while I was lounging by the pool,
I saw Tails' plane fly by, trailing smoke!
Then it fell from the sky, and
crashed near the seashore!
I've gotta go save Tails right away!!

I ran across the Emerald Coast
and found Tails,
whom I haven't seen for a while.
He had a great idea about creating
something using a Chaos Emerald.
He just loves making machines!
He has a workshop in Mystic Ruins?
OK, I'll go visit it if you want me to.

On the way to Tails' workshop,
I was confronted by that evil Eggman!
He stole the Chaos Emerald and
called for that liquid monster…
the one I met in Station Square!
It transformed when Eggman gave it
the Chaos Emerald.
He's planning to make that
monster super strong using
all the Chaos Emeralds!
I can't allow that, Eggman!
I'll collect and protect all the
Chaos Emeralds!
Let's start by searching
in Mystic Ruins!

The battle for the Chaos Emeralds
has begun!!
Chaos… that awful monster!
I'll not allow you to grow stronger.
I found 1 Emerald in the Windy Valley,
so I am off to a good start!
I've searched every nook and cranny of
Mystic Ruins… so now I am off to
Station Square!

Just when I'd found another Chaos Emerald
in Casinopolis, suddenly Eggman
showed up!
He robbed me of the Emerald and
then disappeared.
He has 2 and I have 1. He may have the
advantage now, but I'll never give up!
I'll return to Mystic Ruins
to search once again.

I've found another Chaos Emerald in Icecap.
Now, I have 2!
Now, where should I go next?

Knuckles appeared out of
nowhere and attacked me!
Why?? Why would he do that?
That Eggman must have tricked him again!
Eggman took the 2 Emeralds
I'd collected, and now Chaos has
probably transformed again
using their power!
OK, show me how strong you
think you are now! Come on, Chaos!

Eggman and Chaos escaped in
a huge flying fortress.
I can't believe this has happened…
But I won't let them get away!
C'mon Tails! Let's take the Tornado,
and follow them!
I'll catch up with you and
I'll crush you, Eggman!

Tails and I jumped into my plane,
and flew after Eggman.
But the Egg Carrier attacked us.
The Tornado was damaged
and we crash landed…
I landed in Station Square.
I think that's when I got seperated
from Tails. I'm sure he'll be OK
by himself, but maybe I should go
and find him anyway.

Oh no, it's Amy!
Why did I have to run into her now?
Wherever I go, danger seems to follow.
She doesn't seem to care
about that, though.
She follows me anywhere I go.
So I have to protect her…
A bird? A bodyguard?
Well, now that I can handle, but…
Hmmm… I wonder if she is involved
in any trouble again??

I can't believe I lost Amy…
Was she captured by the robot
that was following us?
I just knew Amy was going to
cause me trouble like this!
But I just can't ignore what's happened.
Amy, where did they take you??
Where should I start looking for her?

I raced all over the midnight highway,
but I couldn't find Amy anywhere.
Amy is not around here…
Where on earth are you, Amy!?
I suppose I should have a look around
Station Square again?

Amy was taken away, so I went
down to Mystic Ruins.
And what I saw there was…
the Egg Carrier!
It flew off towards the mountains…
with Amy trapped inside!
Now the Tornado is damaged.
Oh, what should I do?
Well, I still have my super fast feet!
I'll chase after the Egg Carrier
and catch up with it
on the other side of this mountain!

I chased after the Egg Carrier
to rescue Amy.
I climbed all the way to the top of
Red Mountain, but the ship was gone.
Then, I saw an airplane…
Piloted by… Tails! Wow!
It's his new airplane!
OK, Tails!
Let's hurry and catch up
to the Egg Carrier!

Tails made a new airplane, the Tornado 2!
It's really great!
…Except that when it transforms
it has no landing gear… Ahhh!
Anyway! We finally managed to board
This ship is really huge.
It may take a while to find Amy…

Eggman was waiting for us.
He knew that we would come here,
so he set a trap for us.
Now I have to cross Sky Deck to get
to Eggman, right?
No problem!
This'll be easy!
Amy, I'm on my way, so hang in there!

I finally found Amy!
But then Eggman called another robot.
Me, worried? No way!
'Cause I've never lost to Eggman!
I'm not sure why Amy wanted me to stop,
but she must have had her reasons.
Suddenly, the Egg Carrier began to
shake! Tails, you and Amy escape before
the ship crashes!!
I'll take care of Eggman!

Eggman escaped to the bow
of the Egg Carrier. After
I transform the ship back to its
original form, I'll chase him down!
Nobody can stop me.
Eggman, you won't get away this time!

Chaos had 6 of the Chaos Emeralds,
but I still defeated him!
Eggman was trying to slip away
when his monster was defeated.
So I jumped off the deck to grab him,
but I just missed!
I woke up to find myself near
these strange ruins. Then, a mysterious
light appeared and led me into them…

There was this huge mural drawn on a wall
deep inside the ruins. It depicted a monster
on a rampage, destroying a town…
And before I realized it, I was in a
totally different place… surrounded by fire!
What is this place!?

I had an unusual dream…
There was this girl, and
she was looking at me,
filled with sadness.
What did it mean??
Whoa, take it easy!
I have no idea!
I woke up just in time to see
Eggman fly by.
His base must be that way!
OK, I'm on my way to his base!


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