Sonic Adventure - Knuckles' Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

I'm Knuckles the Echidna.
But just call me Knuckles.
The Master Emerald suddenly broke apart
and the pieces scattered.
Then, an unknown monster suddenly appeared.
Did it cause the explosion?
Without the power of the Master Emerald
to keep it afloat, Angel Island will fall
into the ocean.
I've got to collect all the fragments
and restore the Master Emerald!
Think I'll check out the city first.

Things are going all right.
I've located some pieces of
the Master Emerald in the highway.
Still, there're many missing fragments.
I'll return to the city.
There's got to be another place to go
other than the highway.

Where am I?
Some funky light ball swept me away
when I found some other fragments
at Casinopolis.
What's going on?
Wonder if there're any clues around here?

I don't know much about my tribe,
so whatever just happened…
It must've been a dream.
What I have to do now is to find
more Emerald fragments!

Whatever Eggman was collecting were not
fragments of the Master Emerald.
Naw, those were the Chaos Emeralds.
Now, why is Sonic collecting the pieces
of the Master Emerald?
Personally, I've got respect for him.
I think he's a good guy, but if I have to,
I'll take him out to protect
the Master Emerald!
Sonic, come get some!

I just found more fragments of
the Master Emerald at Red Mountain.
I still can't figure why Sonic
is collecting fragments of the
Master Emerald.
I'm gonna have a score to settle.

I just can't believe it!
Eggman has deceived me again!
Sonic was amazed at how gullible I was
and now I owe him one!
It's all because of that evil Eggman and
his Chaos! I'll get them both!

Sonic and Tails have taken off to chase
the Egg Carrier.
But I can't go with them.
I must restore the Master Emerald.
Where is the next Emerald fragment?
I should return to Mystic Ruins
and search deep in the jungle.

The Lost World was located in the
jungle. When I found a piece of
the Emerald, a strange light ball
brought me to this place…
Where am I now??

I finally returned from a strange
world. I am still missing some pieces.
I saw a reflection of the Egg Carrier
in the Master Emerald…
Is it revealing the location of
the missing fragments?
If I follow Eggman's robot, it should
lead me to the Egg Carrier. Let's go!

I've managed to sneak aboard
the Egg Carrier, but it's so huge
it's really hard to find
the Emerald fragments!
Do I really have to check every room??

I've finally collected all the fragments.
Now I can restore the Master Emerald.
I was taken away by a mysterious ball
of light… What?!
Now I'm surrounded by these flames?!

I'm convinced it was the Master Emerald
that I saw in the other world.
Anyway, I've collected all the fragments!
Wonder what that monster is doing now?
I'd sure love to settle
everything myself, but…


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