Sonic Adventure - Gamma's Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

E-102. Code name Gamma.
That is what that man said my name is.
That man is Dr. Robotnik.
What am I?
What should I do?
Does not compute…

That is my name, the man said.
That man's name is Dr. Robotnik.
He ordered me to go to the training room
and complete my mission. Mission complete.
What do I do next?

I am a robot. I was created
by Dr. Robotnik.
He sent me on a mission.
I must find and capture
a frog with a long tail.
I must complete my mission successfully.
First I must equip myself with
S type armor to complete the mission.
I must gather information.

I have captured the frog.
My mission is complete.
Emergency! Emergency!
Present location unknown.
Search mode of present
location activated!

I am a robot. I was created by Dr. Robotnik.
Dr. Robotnik is my master. My master's
orders are absolute.
He has ordered me to go to the cell
and take the bird from the girl.
That is my next mission.
Roger! Mission commencing! Move out!

My next mission is:
Go to the cell and take the bird
from the girl.
I accidently entered the wrong room and saw
E-101 Beta…
I confirmed this discovery via ID signal.
This does not compute.
Continue with mission.

I am a robot created by Dr. Robotnik.
What have I done?
I have released the girl and allowed her
to escape.
I failed to take the bird.
The girl's behavior does not compute.
The bird?
…Does not compute.
What should I do now?

I received a new mission.
I have new orders.
I must arm myself with the booster.
I must proceed to the main room
to complete my mission.

I am now armed with the booster,
and I am on the Egg Carrier deck.
I have received a new mission.
Destroy the blue hedgehog.
Roger! Mission commencing. Move out!

I'm E-102, Gamma.
I have deleted Dr. Robotnik from
my registry as my master.
I will act at my own discretion
from now on.
I will destroy all of Dr. Robotnik's
evil machines and rescue the animals.
My mission is to save my fellow
E-series friends!
Search commencing.

I have destroyed Dr. Robotnik's evil
machine by my own volition.
Now, I will rescue the animals.
I rescued E-103 Delta in the Windy Valley.
Search for the other E-series commencing.

I rescued E-104 Epsilon
in the Red Mountain.
E-101 Beta and E-105 Zeta location unknown.
Perhaps they are on the Egg Carrier?

I arrived on the crashed Egg
Carrier to save E-101 Beta and
E-105 Zeta. Mission commencing.


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