Sonic Adventure - Big's Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

Hmmm… I'm a cat. My name's Big.
I just love to relax and fish
with my best friend, Froggy, at my side.
One night, a big noise woke me up.
Froggy swallowed my lucky charm
and took off somewhere…
I followed Froggy and we ended up in a
big city! I had never seen it before.
…Where, oh where, is my Froggy?

I finally found Froggy in the city!
But… he went under a car and
never came out…
Froggy? Are you down there?
Well… this car is in my way…

Hmmm… I'm a cat. My name's Big.
I finally caught Froggy at
this amusement park with my trusty rod…
but then he took off again!
Froggy, where, oh where did you go?
What? You don't like me any more?

I found Froggy in that snowy mountain.
But darn! He got away from me again!!
Oh Froggy, where have you gone?

Hmmm… I'm a cat. Name's Big.
This fox caught Froggy for me…
But then he ran away again!!!
I reckon he might be in that city,
so I went there. Here, Froggy!
Where are you, Froggy?

Hmmm… I'm a cat. The name's Big.
I managed to catch Froggy by the sea,
but then a strange gizmo appeared
and took my Froggy away.
Hey, wait a minute!
Give me back my friend! Please!
Oh, no.
When I followed Froggy I ended up in
this weird place…
Froggy, you're here, aren't you??

Hmmm… I'm a cat. I'm Big.
I found Froggy in a strange tank.
I fished him out with my rod.
And… here we are.
What a funny place this is…
Where am I!?

Oh, looks like we've returned to
the place we started from…
But now, at least I'm with Froggy.
Hurry, let's get out of here!


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