Sonic Adventure - Amy's Journal

From: Sonic Adventure (in-game)
Edited & obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

I'm Amy Rose,
a cute and cheerful girl!
One day, I was walking down the street
and saw that evil Eggman's flying fortress!
Then this sweet little bird flew out and
Eggman's mean robot was chasing after it!
OK, birdie! Put your trust in me!
I'll protect you and
never let them hurt you!
But… just to be on the safe side…
Maybe I should look for a bodyguard!?

Oh, I am so lucky today!
There's Sonic!
He'll make the perfect bodyguard!
I'm too cute to resist, after all!
I can't believe how lucky I am today!
The sign at Twinkle Park says
there is a special for cute couples!
Of course we have to go!
Well… where's Sonic??
I lost sight of him!!
Oh, what should I do?!

We were captured by Eggman's mean robot.
He took us to the flying
fortress and locked us in a cell.
Then, another robot came to us.
And he tried to take away birdie!!
But then, suddenly, I was so surprised!
That robot helped us escape!
He changed somehow. So I thought…
Maybe we could become friends??
In any case, I must escape now!!

We escaped from the Hot Shelter,
and ended up in a strange place.
Not again! Where are we now??
No, I mustn't cry!
I have to think positive!
I'm a girl who can do anything!
Let's continue our adventure!

I just knew he would come!
Why does he play so hard to get?
I suppose it doesn't matter, but…
What? Is your family in trouble?
Eggman has captured them??
Well, don't worry!
Let's go and find them.
That robot said something about a
base somewhere in Mystic Ruins…
Didn't he?
Hmmm, I wonder if that robot is OK?
You know, I am sure I will see him again.

We went to Eggman's base, but we couldn't
find birdie's family.
I wonder if they are still trapped somewhere
on the Egg Carrier?? Possibly…
Although it's definitely not a place
I want to visit again,
I am not the type of girl
that gives up easily!
Let's find a way to sneak back on
to the Egg Carrier again!


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