Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Vector

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa


  • Real name : Bekutaa za Kurokodairu
  • English name : Vector the Crocodile
  • Nickname : Bekutaa
  • Classification : Wani (Crocodile)
  • Height : 180 cm
  • Weight : 200 kg
  • Age : 20 years
  • Special Skill: Detecting
  • Favorite thing: Money * Performing in a band
  • Hated thing: Working for the landlord

Head of the Chaotix Detective Agency, playing a sleuth, Vector is divided between bossy and easy-going. Physically strong and quick to quarrel, but also possessing strong feelings of justice and kindness. From his rough speech and appearance, you might imagine he was not possessed of much intellect, but usually clear reasoning and resolution of cases is his business.

Although exceedingly fond of corresponding monetary reward, he has a policy never to have a hand in wicked deeds. Also, he will take up and complete a mission to free people from worry and change without reward. Thus, the Chaotix detective agency is eternally poor.


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