Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Tikal

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa


  • Real name : Tikaru
  • English name : Tikal
  • Species: Harimogura (Echidna)
  • Height : 95.0 cm
  • Weight : unknown
  • Special Characteristic : Daughter of an ancient Knuckles patriarch

Daughter of an ancient patriarch of the Knuckles tribe. A gentle soul, who did not discriminate against anyone she met; her sole intention was to communicate with her friend Chaos, who was feared for its strangeness. She was always critical of and opposed to her father Pachacamac's intentions to conquer other countries.

When Chaos went berserk because of Pachacamac's invasion, Tikal sealed herself in the Master Emerald with Chaos. During "Sonic Adventure", a sphere of crimson light guided Sonic through various situations, her spirit appears in this shape nowadays. For the sake of not repeating the tragedy when Chaos was revived.


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