Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Storm

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa

Storm the Albatross

  • Real name : Stomu za Arubatorosu
  • English name : Storm the Albatrosse
  • Nickname : Stomu
  • Classification : Ahoudori
  • Height : 140 cm
  • Weight : 80 kg
  • Age : 19 years
  • Favorite things : Treasure * Jet
  • Loathed things : New rivals to the Babylon Gang [lit. "Babylon thief group"]
  • Special Skills : Open hand slap * Clapping hand in an opponents face * Superhuman strength

The heavy tank of the Babylon Gang. This muscleman may be lacking in intelligence but he has the power to smash rocks. In his heart, his loyalty to Jet is greater and stronger than anyone else's, and so he tries to be ready for action; consequently he will become destructive when Jet gets angry. As he is quick-tempered, he hates having to wait anywhere.


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