Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Jet

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa

Jet the Hawk

  • Real name : Jietto za Hoku
  • English name : Jet the Hawk
  • Nickname : Jietto
  • Classification : Taka (hawk)
  • Height : 100 cm
  • Weight : 33 kg
  • Age : 14 years
  • Favorite things : Treasure * Himself
  • Loathed things : Anyone faster than himself * Anyone more confident than himself
  • Special Skills : Sneeze * Attacking with the Bashyo fans

Leader of the Babylon Thief Group, alias "The Legendary Wind Rider". No. 1 in extreme gear techniques through sucessive generations. Jet considers himself a dyed-in-the-wool villain. He never displayed his unattractive side to outsiders because he is extremely proud and hates to lose. He is aware of what it means to be the team leader, but may sometimes be rescued by the team's vast resources. He uses [Eggman's plot] as a pretext to declare Sonic, the Fastest on Earth, as a rival spirit.


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