Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Emeral

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa


  • Name : Emeru (real name, Nazo)
  • English name : Emerl
  • Nickname : Emeru
  • Height : 110 cm
  • Weight : 14 kg
  • Characteristic: Skill-get (Able to copy another person's techniques)

This puzzling robot possesses the ability to copy the looks and skills of its opponents by studying their technique. As for its true character, Professor Gerald discovered in a experiment with the Chaos Emeralds that it was the Gizoid; awakened 4000 years ago as the ultimate weapon of ancient times. Sonic destroyed it in the end, because it was running wild. As for the name Emerl, it originated because the robot moved by means of Chaos Emeralds. [Emeru from Emererudo, in the Japanese]


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