Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Charmy

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa


  • Real name : Chyaamii Bii
  • English name : Charmy Bee
  • Nickname : Chyaamii
  • Classification: Hachi (Bee)
  • Height : 70 cm
  • Weight : 10 kg
  • Age : 6 years
  • Special Skill: Playing games
  • Favorite thing: Flowers' honey
  • Hated thing: Boredom

A frivolous and careless person. He skips about in lively fashion and always loves to play. As noted before, being greatly energetic he has reached a state of perpetual motion. Due to his cheerful nature and curious manner, he serves as a moodmaker to stir up the Chaotix detective agency. Supremely innocent and consequently intuitive, talking about all manner of things no one cares about. His trademarks are his flight uniform and helmet. Although he rarely gets angry, when he does (usually concerning his partners) he retaliates with a painful poke with his stinger.


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