Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Blaze

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa

Blaze the Cat

  • Real name : Bureizu za Kiyatto
  • English name : Blaze the Cat
  • Nickname : Bureizu
  • Classification : Neko
  • Height : 95 cm
  • Weight : "Don't speak of such a thing"(according to Blaze herself)
  • Age : 14 years
  • Loathed things : High Places
  • Special Skills : Able to manipulate fire
  • By collecting the 7 Sol Emeralds, can transform into "Burning Blaze"

Able to manipulate the "Sol Emeralds", this imperial princess of another world bears the duty to safeguard them as well. Usually she appears to be calm and collected, however she suppresses her feelings and has hidden her emotions within. Exceedingly faithful to her role as guardian of the Sol Emeralds, she has bound herself within strict rules, and therefore may appear shy. However after she happened to encounter with Sonic and friends, Blaze's personality began changing to show a new aspect. Visiting Sonic's world via the power of the Sol Emeralds was possible but the movement of space-time at this time has put an end to that condition.


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