Sonic Riders Course Profiles - Splash Canyon

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Splash Canyon

Reunion with Amy

Who are the Babylon Rogues? And the Babylon Gardens? The mystery deepens….
While Tails is explaining the gear, one "Wave" of the three thieves interrupts the discussion.
Regarding the gear he's setting "What - you will participate on so amateur a setting as this!?" she laughs at Tails.
This speech sparked Tails' pride!

Course Overview:

Few people have set foot in this great, unexplored region of inaccessible places.
The race course utilizes the cultural heritage left behind along the the canyon.
All civilizations have claimed the flow of water as convenient power, you can see the vestiges
of the reservoir and waterwheel in several places.
The enormous waterwheel that is the symbol of this course controls all the water flow.

Course capture:

1. An air ring in such a place? Air ride!
2. The crumbling waterwheel blocks your path… Mere deterioration or…?
3. If the route ahead is too narrow, use grinding to continue advancing!

Map Highlights:

1. Starting point [Omitted text]
2. First reservoir: Jump over the differences in water level! The water increase glides and is ultra-refreshing!
3. Railway: Speed types can grind
4. First reservoir outflow: Jump over the reservoir in a front flip, with vast nature stretched out below you!
5. The aforementioned mountain stream: Use the stream of water for a high-speed glide! You must follow the line of the flow to be effective!
6. Hairpin curve: To reach the second reservoir airslide 180 degrees around the hairpin turn!
7. Crystal cavern: Pass through the gate of the enormous waterwheel and enter the mysterious cave! Avoiding the crystals, make for the exit!
8. Rainbow path: Cross over by leaping into the spray that makes the rainbow path!


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