Sonic Riders Course Profiles - Metal City

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Metal City

The puzzle of the encounter with the 3 thieves, and a giant screen projecting the figure of Eggman.
"A World Grand Prix will be held! The overall champion keeps all the participants' Chaos Emeralds!"
It appears that somehow the three gem-snatchers will participate.
Pride ignited to blazing, Sonic decides to participate in the world Grand Prix and [disrupt]1 Eggman's scheme.

Course Overview

The high [missing kanji] city which is called the forest of silver.
The race facility uses the highway which runs along the ravine of the building district.
- Entirely rejecting eager spontaneity, it is managed by a computer network.
Surpass the group and rise to stand on the twin towers of the city symbol.

Course capture

Hidden within the course are countless points where type skills such as grinding are available.
In addition, there is also a secret passage that can only be reached by those good at using turbulence!

Map Highlights

1. Starting point: Aim for count 0 as you start your dash!
2. Central tower: To decide on a front flip, pass through the central tower's opening!
3. Turbulence: Use turbulence in a straight line to pass the competitior ahead!
4. Curve: Speed-type characters can grind along the railway!
5. Up-Down: Fly-types passing through the onemaiku [the air ring] can air-ride!
6. Large semi: Power-types can knock the tractor-trailer out of the way to gain access!
7. Second tower: To decide on a backflip, the second tower is the last difficult place. [missing kanji]


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