Sonic Riders Speed Character Profiles

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Speed type
Possesses average balance. Highest top speed of the three types.
Type skill: "Grind" Glide along the rails placed in the course.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Loving independence, common sense over confining rules, lives by his own rules. Habitually flip … losing Jet's speed contest sparked his pride. He had earned his desired reputation as "the fastest", but now can he protect that title in the world of Extreme Gear?!

Sonic's Attack Techniques:

  • Lvl 1 : Raising a large voice to surprise his rivals
  • Lvl 2 : Rolling state to splash and skip over his rivals
  • Lvl 3 : He tangles up the rival and continues rolling

Jet the Hawk
Leader of the Babylon thief group1, also called "Legendary Windrider". No.1 in Extreme Gear techniques handed down through successive generations. Honoring pride in his role as leader, staunch in "war" and thinking for himself. Full of pride, hating to be defeated, showing an unattractive side to outsiders. In regards to Sonic, fastest on land, "There isn't any way I can lose!" applying his pride to the challenge of the contest.

Jet's Attack Techniques:

  • Lvl 1 : The rival can be surprised by a big sneeze
  • Lvl 2 : Hits with Bashiyousen2, repels and skips over the rival.
  • Lvl 3 : Like turning a frame in a film, he makes the rival twist into the shape of a screw

Shadow the Hedgehog
Similar in appearance to Sonic, this black hedgehog surpasses Sonic's speed. Using a chaos emerald, he posesses the unique "Chaos Control" ability to warp space-time. Beginning to experience extreme gear, he rides with his characteristic cool speed.

Shadow's Attack Techniques:

  • Lvl 1 : Summon energy balls that appear as soap bubbles, surprising a rival
  • Lvl 2 : Turning and kicking repels and skips over rivals
  • Lvl 3 : Throw the enormous energy ball to bring rivals to a standstill

Amy Rose
Earnestly pursuing Sonic, full of energy, this girl is in love with love. Easily gets people to turn around.3 Behaves with recklessness, however she is sharp and has a pure heart. Now her woman's intuition leads her to participate in the World Grand Prix so she can chase down Sonic unawares. [[footnote]]The third sentence in the translation was omitted because it says she's attacking Sonic's "rear"[[/footenote]].

Amy's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : "Here it comes!" threatening rivals to destroy their balance
Lvl 2 : Brandish your PikoPiko Hammer to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Throw your PikoPiko Hammer to crush the competition flat


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