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Translated by: Thrippa


Freerace (1-4P)
Selecting their favorite course and gear, 1-4 players can enjoy this mode. A computer opponent carefully races one player, or have an enjoyable 4-way race with friends.

Survival Race (1-4P)
Rugby style [battle] to win the chaos emeralds placed on the course. Points are earned by passing the gates, keep an eye on the target point.

Tag Mode (1-4P)
This mode is tag with 2 players, cooperating against the opposing team. The team that scores first, even with one person, wins!

Survival Battle (1-4P)
Set up attacks to take the life of your opponent! Survive to the end of this gachinko battle to become the winner!

Free Race

If 4 players don't heat things up, you've made a mistake!!
Selecting their favorite course and gear, 1-4 players can enjoy this mode. All right! the computer opponent carefully races one person. It's fun to make a noise with four friends in the Free Race.

Air boost - If this icon appears, you can boost! If ringing you can probably overtake!
Course map - During the race this advances to confirm your own and your rivals' positions!
Lap counter - Shows the number of laps remaining before you win.

Small screens:
(top) Pick up 1st place in the race by poking at your opponents state of mind!
(bottom) Who are your rivals!?

Survival Race

Grab the chaos emerald and run through the gate!
Scramble rugby-style for the chaos emeralds found on the course, then make quickly for the target point while showing no sympathy for others on the course.

Chaos emerald - The icon indicates which player has the chaos emerald.
Relative position of opponents - Indicates postion relative to the player that has the chaos emerald.
Gate - Carry the emerald past this gate to score points.


1. Get the chaos emeralds first!
When the chaos emeralds scattered on the course are picked up and taken through the gates quickly, you earn points.
2. Pass the gate within the time limit to earn points!
When the points earned passing through the gates reach the target, the player becomes victorious. Air is replenished when you pass through the gate, before you pass through the gate there is no air, and the player with the chaos emerald moves forward with difficulty. In addition, if the player with the chaos emerald runs out of air before passing the gate, they receive an electric shock and lose the emerald.
3. Take the chaos emeralds!
If you touch or attack the player that has the chaos emerald, you will be able to snatch the emerald away.

Tag Mode

Two people breathing in synchrony grasp victory together!1
Tag mode unites 2 players, both cooperate while competing against the opponents team. If either team member scores, that team wins.

Radio waves - Displays distance to your partner. 3 bars: near; 1 bar: far.
Partners' relative positions - Displays relative position of your partner ahead or behind you.
If the player that is in front gets out of range, thunder strikes and brings them to a halt.


1. Tag partners are linked by shared air.
Since they share the air, one can apply the air boost to generate turbulence, the other can ride that turbulence to catch up, so both can enjoy the cooperation. When the air runs out, both partners are reduced to "running", so in theory, cooperation extends the race.
2. Partners' distance affects game via "radio wave system"
During the race the distance between partners is constantly measured and the current status shown in the number of bars. When the partners are closest (3 bars) the air keeps replenishing. Conversely, when the distance goes out of range and the bars vanish, the leading player is struck by thunder and halted as a penalty.

Survival Battle - Who will survive to the end!?

Set up your attack, take your oponents life! It is a gachinko battle where the one who survives to the end wins!

Defense Strength
Attack Strength


1. First search for "attachments"!
Power-up items called "attachments" are placed in stages. Powerups can raise: Attack power * Defense capability * Speed * Air! It is to your benefit to get attachments.
2. Locate your opponent and attack!
For a successful attack, attack strength must be able to damage the defensive strength. However, caution is needed as setting up an attack consumes a lot of air!

"Survival Battle" Original Stages

Twin Towers - Central twin towers mark this stage. Knights of old jousted here, and cracked the stones. Among battle stages, this is the most normal.
Snow Valley - Under the heavenly aurora, this silent stage is made in the north where the beautiful snow dances along the ground. You don't understand how this was created, but the aurora's power shines to illuminate the stage. In this stage, in addition to the usual attachments, one that enables you to disappear (hide item) appears at times! This keeps your opponent unaware of your location as you stealthily set up your attack!
Space Theatre - The Space Theatre glitters beneath the immense spread of the Milky Way. Eggman created this space station to be his base. Still under construction, what shape will it have on completion? In this stage usual attacks do no damage! Blow your opponent into, or trap them against, the electric fences to do damage!


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