Sonic Riders Flight Character Profiles

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Flight type
Initial speed is high, it is possible to mount up and move at speed, but top speed is low.
Type skill: "Air Glide" Glide making use of the [air rings] in the course.

Miles "Tails" Prower
Real name Miles Prower. Nickname Tails. This child fox1 possesses a superior mind. He admires Sonic, and is proud to share adventures with him. Confident in his mechanical knowledge, he takes charge of the tune-up of Sonic's Extreme Gear, but because of Wave's " wanting to see the amateur setting", proud of his knowledge, he enters the World Grand Prix.

Tails' Attack Techniques

  • Lvl 1 : Direct a socket2 (electric current) at the rival, destroying their balance
  • Lvl 2 : Swing the socket to repel and throw rivals
  • Lvl 3 : Apply the socket (electric current) directly to a rival and electrify them.

Wave the Swallow
Super mechanic of the Babylon Rogues, repairing and upgrading the thieves' Extreme Gear. As a result of increasing her knowledge in her spare time, she is overflowing with self-confidence, an obstinate character who does not listen to another's advice or recognize their understanding on any matter. She respects Jet in his role as leader, but on the other hand feels towards him like an unreliable younger brother.

Wave's Attack Techniques

  • Lvl 1 : Run ahead of the rivals while preaching vehemently and destroying their balance
  • Lvl 2 : Swing an enormous spanner to repel and throw rivals
  • Lvl 3 : Attatch dynamite to their gear and turn the rivals burnt black

Rouge the Bat
World famous treasure hunter with special government duties (spy). Voluptuous and smelling like an adult woman, she is audacious and comely. Kitsch and mysterious. This sexy woman senses competition in Wave.

Rouge's Attack Techniques

  • Lvl 1 : Throw a kiss full of seductiveness to make your rival fall down drunk
  • Lvl 2 : Sexy heel kick to repel and throw rivals
  • Lvl 3 : Hit your rival with a bat bomb and burn them black

Cream the Rabbit
Daughter of a good family, brought up with butterflies and flowers,excedingly pure and meek. She is always accompanied everywhere by her dear Chao friend, Cheese. For two people riding the Extreme Gear - the cord. Cheese's attacks can overwhelm even powerful rivals!

Cream's Attack Techniques

  • Lvl 1 : Bewilder your rival by using a lot of tears to get your own way
  • Lvl 2 : Call out Cheese to repel and throw rivals
  • Lvl 3 : Call out Cheese to block your rival's sight


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