Intermissions consist of a non-dangerous object that blocks the path. Whilst running, the player will collide with the object, causing them to briefly pause. The player can start running immediately, but the short pause allows them to recognise a near-by danger encouraging them to slow down.

Intermissions take two forms: Static intermission and Active intermissions

Static intermissions

These simply bring the player to a stop allowing the player to see the obstacle, without colliding with it.
Once the player has seen the obstacle, s/he will voluntary slows down to navigate it

▲ In this example, the rock is the intermission.
It stops the player long enough for the obstacle to be spotted.
Upon seeing the obstacle, the player voluntary slows down.

Active intermissions

These encourage the player to perform an action, such as hitting a switch, breaking a block or opening a power-up. The action keeps the player in one spot which allows him/her to recognise the proceeding obstacle.

▲ In this example, collecting the power up provides the player with a chance to recognise the obstacle

▲ In this example, the player willing interrupts Sonic’s run to obtain the power up.
Doing so provides enough time for the player to become aware of the monkey robot enemy.
The player is now able to avoid the robot’s attacks, which would have not been possible if Sonic’s run had not been interrupted.

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