Methods for creating irresistibility

In Brief

  • Irresistability requires the creation of ‘new’ content.
  • However, as this section demonstrates, ‘new’ content does not always require extra expense.
    • It can simply involve re-using existing assets in a different way.

As noted in the previous section, optional assets become irresistible when they offer something ‘new’ that cannot be found in the mandatory content. Developers may cringe at the thought of this, as creating ‘new’ content involves extra expense. However, as this section demonstrates, ‘new’ content can be created with minimal costs.

This is why ‘new’ is in apostrophes - it is to emphases that the new rarely consists of new content, but is created through clever usage of existing assets.

Creating the ‘new’ in level design
Creating the ‘new’ through abilities
Creating the ‘new’ through mini-games

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