Checking takes three key forms. In all cases, it requires the player to have a sharp eye to identify clues that could indicate the presence of a secret route.

Form one: Wall checking

▲ Wall checking requires the players to jump into walls.
Doing so may reveal a secret passage.

Form two: Scenery checking

Scenery checking requires the player to interact with objects that appear to serve no other purpose than to decorate the scenery.


▲ As this is a sky stage, the clouds seem to be nothing more than a part of the scenery.
Jumping on them, however, takes the player to a new area. (Video example)

Form three: Height checking

Examining large overhead shafts that apparently lead to no where can often unearth a hidden route. Although such techniques are more suited for flying/climbing characters such as Tails & Knuckles, Sonic can also make use of them.

▲ In this example,
the over head rings prompt the player into exploring the area.

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