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Service Games: Kickstarter update

Their are only two weeks left for the Service Games Kickstarter to end, and with that in mind David Munoz has shared new stretch goals.

Project Update #5: Two Weeks Left! New Stretch Goals!

Posted by David Munoz Black heart (cards) Like

Hi everyone,

We have just over two weeks left and we are right where we should be to meet our goal, but we have some great new opportunities to give you guys some great new items with our brand new stretch goals. All of these will be included at no extra cost!

Stretch Goal $7500:

All backers $20 and above: Everyone will get limited edition 4×6 Service Games promo card mailed to them. Frame it, share it, whatever you want! 

All backers $75 and above: Each book will get a limited edition Service Games bookmark included inside! Use it while you read the book, but then bring it with you and make every book you read more awesome.

All backers $300 and above: Each backer will get a very limited edition 11 x 17 inch Service Games poster. This will be a very small printing so you’ll be one of the coolest (and most unique) kids on the block! Also very useful for business backers to help promote the book.

Share this project and all these great extras can be yours! One great way to do this is with the ongoing contest we are having with Sega Nerds (link). Enter to win a free book or t-shirt and share this project in the process… win-win! 

Want a quick-fix for your Sega addiction? Sega Nerds is also running a weekly special on the different Sega of America Presidents. This week it’s David Rosen. Be sure to check it out and gain some details on one of Sega’s founding fathers!

That’s it! Lots of exclamation points in this update, but we certainly have lots of exciting things to look forward to! Thank you for your support and don’t forget to share!

We at SEGA Nerds have been personally invested in the project and really want this to come to fruition, so far David Munoz has only managed to raise 4,307$ out of 6,000$ via 57 backers. I have a long history with the book and the authors and I can attest that this book offers the most comprehensive history of SEGA.  It is worth reading even if you aren’t a gamer, it offers valuable insights to entrepreneur’s in general.

You know you want it!

Lastly, if nothing else works you can always just show your support and get yourself a cool Sega themed T-Shirt. You can never go wrong with that!


Born an entrepreneur, studied to be a psychologist, and now an aspiring journalist. In addition to team Nerds, I am the Editor in Chief for Age-Media and Dreamcast-Scene

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