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This was all so awesome to read, really thoughtful and clever. Congratulations on your work!

Awesome read by paulojr_mampaulojr_mam, 04 Jul 2017 23:04

What if you could only do homing attack while running? It would add realism, since you're not having weird instant acceleration like nowadays, and it would be there when you most need it. When you're in slow sections, it won't be annoying to calculate your jumps in enemies, since you're already calculating them on platforms. I just think it would be weird to have a game mechanic suddenly deactivated.

by paulojr_mampaulojr_mam, 04 Jul 2017 22:59

I've heard that SEGA have do knuckles x rouge but i have see an articule that Rouge likes both and shadow The Prima Guide says, "There have been rumors that Rouge has feelings for both Knuckles and Shadow. That would be a heated love triangle!" … Plus i have see on Sonic Unleashed that Sonamy and Sonic said ''he can date with Amy'' ''Thanks I'll pass'' then for ShadAmy I'll explain. At some point in the Shadow the Hedgehog game, there's a mission where you help Amy find Cream, and then help Cream find Cheese. It's part of the hero mission and it can be accessed after you've played the bad guy on Knuckles' mission. In this level, you can either help Amy, help Eggman light the defense systems, or continue through the level at your own pace.

You might choose to play on the bad guy path during the first parts of the game. Meeting Amy and choosing to help her would be a redeeming factor because Shadow was convinced into helping Amy and staying true to his promise to help her to the very end. It shows the good qualities in him, and therefore haves him become a good guy, hence the title - "The Miracle of Love".

Also - after you've completed the mission and came back to look at Shadow's story cutscene (the scrolling journal thing), he mentions how he encountered Amy - who was looking for Cream at the time - and seeing as how he didn't have any reason to help her, but he was still looking for the doctor anyway, he mutters - "I figured…" and there's a long pause before he strays off topic and continues his little rant again.

In other words, you're looking at a Shadamy level. So wich one is real or CANON please tell me please tell me

PLEASE REPLY ME FASK by TheRedon02TheRedon02, 21 Nov 2011 17:04


I think perhaps this magazine interview should be retranslated… :P

Another solution I suggest is simply making the robots bigger. In 3D space, due to the size of most of the robots, it's hard to simply jump on them with precision (try playing Unleashed without homing attack).

It's not like Sonic Team hasn't showcased the size of the robots in 3D space before:

This would allow the extinction of the homing attack, and the variety of the bots in which they once had.

Though I don't understand Japanese, I've compared the writing with The GHZ and Knuckles' profile doesn't mention Angel Island or the Master Emerald. It does, however, mention Chaos Emeralds. This, along with the fact that Knuckles is called a stranger in the storyline, concludes that it's not connected to the main continuity.

Let's not forget the relevance of the bottomless pits in the classic games, too: for example in Wing Fortress Zone, while the level was suspended over a bottomless pit, the only times you were in danger of falling into it was when you were hanging and navigating between bars right on the bottom of the ship, which added to the suspenseful feeling of being somewhere very high up and right underneath the ship. Also in Sonic & Knuckles' Death Egg act 2, one or two bottomless pits right at the bottom of the level (but not unfairly placed) also gave the player a feeling of being at the bottom of the ship, suspended over an unforgiving gateway into space.

Flying Battery and Star Light also did this well, and it was always the player's fault for falling to their death because the situation made it clear there would be nothing below to stop you.

Pits in the MD games by IdiotequeDanceIdiotequeDance, 29 Jul 2008 12:09

They sure knew how to start an adventure off! I love this, it falls right into place in the ideas I had about what was behind the first game. It just sets such a great atmosphere in those simple brief paragraphs. The way Sonic's ideas about Eggman are pointed out, how he finds out about what's going on, the villain's ego, "the good guy" gasping in surprise! Happiness. I want to play now.

Hi big_smile you're great but can you post some scans/pics of the SH guide?

Hi by TheTETTheTET, 04 Apr 2007 11:57
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