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  • Interview Date: 18 March 2003
  • Interview Topics: Sonic X, E3
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Famitsu / News / Sega: Two New Sonic Games At E3

News by: Fennec Fox
At a press conference today commemorating the premiere of a new anime series starring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Team head Yuji Naka commented that two new games starring the little blue dude are in the works and will likely make their public debuts at this May's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. No console or gameplay details were mentioned, but Naka referred to the games as "new titles," implying that they aren't ports of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 to yet another game system.

The conference was held to mark the April 6 premiere of Sonic X on the TV Tokyo network, a series that's set to debut in America and Europe this fall. Sega showed the entire first episode of the series at the event, establishing much of the main storyline in the process. Sonic and his partners are still fighting with Dr. Eggman over the seven Chaos Emeralds, as it turns out, and the mad doctor has used the crystals to send the entire crew hurtling through time… and into the modern age, where Sonic meets a young boy named Chris. His friends are all missing, however, so at the end of the episode Sonic finds himself with two burning issues—Where are Knuckles and Cream and everyone? And: How am I going to get back at Dr. Eggman for this?

Yuji Naka discusses the new Sonic anime at today's press conference. Hopefully Jaleel White will not be involved with the U.S. version.
"I'm very nervous about this anime," Naka said at the conference. "There have been Sonic cartoons in the past, but we were never directly involved with them like this. We got in with the director this time, though, so we've been involved in the production on our side, meaning that the story will never stray too far away from the original games… When the Pokémon anime began, the game went on an explosive break. With this show on TV Tokyo, the same network, I'd like to see Sonic experience a similar break." You can't fault Naka for having lofty goals.

We'll have more info on Sonic Team's new titles as it comes, so stay tuned.


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